Playfulgaming owns and operates the free to play social betting sports platform Playfulbet . Users are given free virtual coins which they can use to bet on a range of sports match verticals. When a user reaches a sufficient amount of coins, these can be cashed out for prizes. Users can follow each other and invite friends to join the platform.


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Christian has been an online entrepreneur in the gambling industry since 2001 and is an expert in search engine optimization and gaming apps. He is also the founder of Cmedia, a leading Spanish gambling media company as well as launching a social poker gaming platform.

POL RUIZ | Founder & Marketing Director

Pol founded Playfulbet in 2012 and has over 9 years experience in the gambling sector. A former professional poker player and gambling affiliate dealer. He is a growth hacking specialist using a mix of marketing, engineering, business and product development in order to continually engage and grow the user base.

Our team

Playfulgaming is a young start up powered by a mix of international talent in our office high up in the Torre Mapfre on Barcelona's beach front. The Playfulgaming team excels in business development, sales, marketing, logistics and customer support. Playfulgaming is integrated within EXOGROUP which provides additional sales, marketing, financial and human resources support.


Come and work for Playfulgaming at our office in Barcelona.

If there is no current vacancy that matches your skills but you are still interested in working with Playfulgaming, why no send us your CV for future opportunities!